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DWI defense is not a jack of all trades type of law. It is a very specialized field that requires specific knowledge about search and seizure, plea bargaining and brethalyzer science. It also involves bringing in expert witnesses that will help a client's case. When deciding to hire a Queens DWI lawyer, results and experience are what matters.

At The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC we handle Queens DWI cases every day. Queens has a unique process when the handle these cases and have a strict policy regarding plead deals. This also comes into play in Felony DWI cases. We have handled hundreds of Queens DWI cases and know how the system works. We are ready to negotiate for you with the prosecutor but alos stand ready to fight for you at a trial, should that be the vest course of action. We will explain to you exactly how the process works, and you will have access to our attorneys on a daily basis should you have any questions about your DWI case. Drunk Driving defense is no "sideline" business. When deciding who to hire, look at the experience and the results, and contact us at 917-519-8417, and let us fight for you.